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NEW COLOURS are available for our colourant (POLY300), acrylic-silicone caulking (POLY400), sanded grout (POLY500), unsanded grout (POLY600),  and epoxy grout (POLY800 PRECISION). It is possible to better conceive the design of your installation using the colour chart from our new brochure or box of PROFIX grout colours samples. These are two practical tools that allow you to visualize the different colour possibilities for your project. You can choose a colour that complements the tiles you selected as well as the installation environment.





FLEX GT-30 is a high-performance, polymer-fortified, thin-set mortar for the installation of large sized tiles on floors and walls. It’s recommended for white or translucent marble, natural stones, and glass tiles because it's also offered in a white version. 

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POLY800 PRECISION is a water-based epoxy groutwith significantly improved workability, and is available in 30 colours. It is suitable for installing the vast majority of glass tiles and it also provides great resistance to stains and chemical products. It is ideal for counter tops, showers, and high-traffic areas. It provides even colouring.

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FLEX R20 is an unmodified thin-set mortar approved and licensed by SCHLUTER ®-Systems. This new mortar is specifically adapted for DITRA uncoupling membrane and KERDI waterproofing membrane. The addition of our HYBRID technology to the mortar gives it a creamy texture as well as sag resistance. These characteristics make it ideal for use with SCHLUTER ®-Systems.

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MEGAPRIME 700 promotes adhesion to non-porous substrates prior to the application of a self-leveling compound or mortar. MEGAPRIME 700 can be applied to almost any surface that hasn't been previously scarified and cleaned. Because of its superior adhesion to ceramic tile, this epoxy-based primer will helpyou save time and effort for tile on tile installations by avoiding any extra surface preparation.

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PATCH’N SET is a new fast seting patching mortar composed of hydraulic cement and polymers. Ideal for indoor same-day installations, this new formula is easier to use due to its creamy texture. This type of product allows you to fill cracks, holes, or depressions on concrete surfaces, exterior-grade plywood, or vinyl. Its objective is to facilitate the installationof new-over-old floor coverings (ceramic, wood, laminate flooring, vinyl , etc.). 

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PATCH’N SET PREMIUM is a high-performance version of PATCH’N SET that no longer needs latex as an additive (like the previous formula). To obtain high compression and bonding strength, simply add water and get the premium performance you need.  

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