About Us

As a manufacturer of PROFIX Products, La Margna Inc. is specialized in all that relates to the installation of tile and stone. We are devoted exclusively to this field, which allows us to focus all our efforts on a unique path, that of thecontinuous innovation of our installation products. La Margna Inc. is committed to consistently deliver a superior products that meet the standards developed by the Canadian Association of Terrazzo , Tile & Marble ( TTMAC ) and The Tile Council of North America ( TCNA ).

Over the years, we have developed a strong expertise and a unique sense of know-how that we transfer to our products in order to fully meet the needs of this ever-growing industry. Through strict quality control processes for both its raw material and its finished products, La Margna Inc. ensures products of the highest quality, which enables users to perform the finest installations. In addition, through our research and development laboratory, we continue to refine our technology so you can enjoy the best performance-price ratio on the market with our products.

Whether it’s for surface preparation, thin-set mortar or grout application, or to give additional protection to your project with sealer, PROFIX will have the answer. With its wide range of advanced and easy to use products, PROFIX makes your work easier without compromising quality.

With a team of researchers and chemists who have an open mind for the ever evolving world, PROFIX continually seeks to obtain increasingly specialized raw materials. This enables us to develop high quality ceramic installation products. The raw materials are controlled on arrival and the final products are controlled upon delivery. We are therefore assured that we are producing the best possible products.

Whether your project is big or small, whether you are an architect, retailer, contractor or handyman, our entire team is available to answer your questions and provide you with informative technical advice.

For a project defying time, trust PROFIX products.