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Welcome to PROFIX!

As a manufacturer of setting products, we are specialized in everything related to ceramic tile and stone installations. We work exclusively in this field, allowing us to concentrate all our efforts on a unique path, that of continuous innovation of our installation products.

Over the years we have developed strong expertise and exceptional know-how that we transfer to our products to keep abreast of the ever growing industry quality.

Whether it be for substrate preparation, mortar-adhesive, grout application or for extra protection for your projects with the help of a sealer, PROFIX will have the answer to all your needs.

Thanks to its line of highly developed and easy to use products, PROFIX will make your projects easy without compromising the quality of these products.

Furthermore, due to our expertise that we have developed at the mortar-adhesive level, we are the only company to guarantee complete installation and perfect compatibility with the PROTHERM floor warming system.

Trust PROFIX products for excellent long lasting results.



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