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POLY 800 Precision (Water based epoxy grout)

Quick Overview


  • Available in 30 colours.
  • Even colouring, guaranteed.
  • High resistance to impact and chemicals.
  • Ideal on counters or in showers.
  • Adapted for glass tiles.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A 118.3.


Pot life is 70 minutes at 21°C.

For grout lines between 1/8’’ and 3/8’’ wide.


1.25 kg unit (2.75 lbs), hardener included.

5 kg unit (11 lbs), hardener included.

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PROFIX, in its continued search for the improvement of its setting products, introduces an epoxy grout with only one component to mix in: the hardener. It must be incorporated into the mixture in order to obtain a creamy product, that is easy to apply and clean. This improvement eases mixing and provides better spreading capabilities, thereby optimizing the results. In addition, the epoxy’s pot life has been extended to 70 minutes.

PROFIX has developed an innovative water-based formula that makes cleaning much easier, while still presenting hydrophobic properties after curing is complete. In addition, during installation, the mixture is creamy and easy to handle, both on walls and on floors. Being a water-based epoxy, POLY 800 PRECISION emits less VOCs then a regular solvent-based epoxy grout.

1.25 KG OR 5 KG?

Price is often an influential factor when purchasing an epoxy grout. It is tempting to purchase the 5 kg size instead of four 1.25 kg units to reduce the size of the investment. However, what happens in most cases is that the customer or installer who works alone does not make it through the entire container before the end of the product’s pot life. The loss incurred is roughly equal to the difference paid for the purchase of four units of 1.25 kg. The task is also much simpler with the 1.25 kg size since you'll have 70 minutes to apply each small container. It is then also possible to take a break between units, and to clean the surface after the application of each container. 


Whether you install POLY 800 PRECISION on a wall or on a floor, one golden rule must be followed: a 15 to 20 minute period should be calculated from the time of application to the start of cleaning. This period will allow the grout to be secured in the joint, preventing it from caving in during cleaning. The temperature greatly influences product performance; the higher the temperature in the room, the quicker the reaction will be. However, if the ambient temperature is cooler, you will have more time to apply and clean your grout.

For cleaning, you will need the following tools: a scouring pad (epoxy sponge), high density sponges, and a few buckets of clean water. 

The first step is to scrub the grouted surface with a high-density sponge or with the help of a scouring pad, in a circular motion, to loosen the resin on the surface of the tile. Scrub an area of about 10 square feet. Then, using the slightly moistened high-density sponge, go over the same area diagonally toward the grout lines while pressing firmly. If necessary, you can go over a second time to remove any remaining haze between 30 to 60 minutes after the first step. Within 24 hours of the application, you can use a soft scouring pad with soapy water to remove any remaining grout residue from the tiles. After this time, you will need to use POLYKLEEN OXY to bring the tile back to its original state.

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