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POLY 400 S (Sanded Caulking)

Quick Overview


  • Available in 30 colours.
  • Sanded finish similar to that of sanded grout.
  • Moisture, mould, and vibration-resistant.
  • An acrylic silicone composition for easier application.
  • Can be cleaned during application using a moistened high-density sponge.


25 linear feet at 1/4’’


310 ml tube, 10/case

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Buildings are under continuous stress, which affects their structure, and can cause cracks in the grout lines at wall junctions, between walls and floors, between counters and walls, etc. Although in most cases the consequences are purely aesthetic, the appearance of cracks in showers, bathsurrounds, and kitchen counters can be more problematic. PROFIX offers two types of products to counter this phenomenon: POLY 400 S and POLY 400 U.

For a flawless POLY 400 application, you must first ensure that the surface is clean and dry. In the case that the product is applied over a grouted joint, a waiting period of 24 hours after grouting is required to prevent any remaining moisture from interfering with the sealer’s adhesion. If filling in a tile joint, it is important to push the product in as deeply as possible to prevent shrinkage or cracks at the surface. You can remove any excess caulking with a damp sponge. POLY 400 S is an acrylic-silicone caulking that is easy to apply, and it can be smoothed out with a damp sponge, unlike a 100% silicone product. As this product is very fluid, it will continue to come out of the tube when you release the pressure of the caulking gun. We recommend that you put the cap on the tube to minimize any inconvenience. We do not recommend using this product for grouting entire walls, floors, counters, etc.

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