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How to Use Epoxy Grout for Ceramic Tile and Stone

Step 1

It is recommended to wear latex gloves due to the fact that resins and the powder might be corrosive and allergen.

Additional tools are required: a hard rubber float for epoxy, a clean bucket and a thick sponge. 

Warning : pot life of the epoxy varies with the temperature. Your labor has to respect this constraint.

Pot life : 32C = 45 minutes, 22C = 60 minutes, 10C = 90 minutes.

Step 2

Before starting, we suggest to use 1 kg pails when working alone and 5kg pails when team working. Time factor is very important to respect. Mix both resins thoroughly in a clean bucket. Add the required powder and mix to form a heavy paste. Please ensure that epoxy is completely used. To do this, once the epoxy container has been emptied, screw cap back on and turn container upside down.

Wait until all the epoxy has slid into the cap, then empty cap into mixture. Use a slow speed mechanical mixer (less than 150 RPM) for large batches to prevent air entrapment. We do not recommend dividing a mix due to the fact that proportions are vital for the products. Complete usage of the hardener, the resin and the powder procurs an optimal mix.

Step 3

It is suggested to accomplish steps 3, 4 and 5 successively, a confined job space at a time (5-10 sq. feet). 

Fill the joints immediately by using a hard rubber epoxy float.
Work the grout in diagonally (45º) to the tile line. Avoid creating air pockets in the joints. For walls and ceilings: It is recommended to let the mix sit for 10 minutes.The epoxy will be more consistent andeasier to install on walls/ceilings. 

Step 4

Immediately following step 3, remove the excess grout on the surface of the tiles by scraping the float at a 45º to the joint direction and at a 90° to the floor.

Remove as much excess grout as possible to facilitate cleaning



Step 5

Once the steps 3 and 4 are done, it is suggested to immediately clean the surface. Use a strong thick sponge soaked in room temperature water.

Thoroughly wring out the sponge and delicately wipe the surface of the tiles clean.

Rinse the sponge often. When cleaning, do not use excess water on the tiles. It is preferable to clean the epoxy film 10 minutes following the beginning of step 3.

Step 6

Let dry. Wipe the tiles using a dry cloth. After the installation, wash your tools with warm water.

Protect joints from stains and dust for the next 24 hours.

Any residual epoxy film may be removed using PX 524 Epoxy Film Cleaner.

Light circulation after 24 hours is allowed.


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